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9/80 Work Schedule: What It Is And How It Works

Considering a more flexible work schedule for your employees? Find out what a 9/80 work schedule is and how it works....

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Shift Bidding: What It Is & Implementation Tips For Managers

Shift bidding can be beneficial for both employees and employers. Learn how this scheduling system works and get tips for...

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How To Create An On-Call Schedule Everyone Can Agree On 

On-call schedules can be a frequent source of frustration for both managers and employees. Here’s how to make an on-call...

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15 Best Scheduling Software Apps For Small Business In 2024

Want to upgrade your team workflow? Learn about how scheduling software for small business can help and what options are...

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Employee Work Scheduling: The Complete Guide For Managers

Effective employee work scheduling is about more than just filling in time slots. If it were that simple, you could throw...

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The 11 Best Employee Time Clock Apps For Managers In 2023

To help you find the right time tracking tools for your company, our experts at Inch have created a list of the best...

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How To Choose The Best Remote Time Clock For Your Business

Need to track work hours for a distributed team? Get a remote time clock. Learn what features to look for and how to...

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