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Employee Retention: 15 Tips For Keeping Your Best Employees

Want to improve your business’s employee retention rate but aren’t sure how to do it? Inch can help. Discover the best...

employee retention

Nurse Scheduling 101: Tips From Scheduling Pros

Nurse scheduling is no easy task. Variables such as 24/7 coverage, skill sets, certifications, and part-time/full-time...

nurse scheduling

How To Write A Helpful Employee Evaluation

Writing an employee evaluation can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Discover the tips that will help you write...

employee evaluation

10 Effective Ways To Improve Employee Morale

Employee morale can be hard to measure, but when it’s low, your team feels it. Learn effective ways to improve this...

Checking employee morale

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Tips For Tracking Employee Time And Attendance

Every business needs some form of time and attendance tracking to make things run smoothly. Learn how to implement the...

time and attendance

How To Create The Ideal Attendance Policy

An effective attendance policy is essential for the smooth operation and ultimate success of your team. Learn how to...

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What Is Work Distribution And Why Is It Important?

For your team to function efficiently, complete projects on time, and produce the highest-quality work possible, it’s...

work distribution

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