Employee Satisfaction Survey: 21 Questions To Ask For Success

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Want to find out how your employees feel about your business, their jobs, and the culture in which they work every day? Conduct an employee satisfaction survey.

As a manager or owner, you’re no doubt concerned about customer satisfaction. But do you pay as much — if not more — attention to employee satisfaction? Doing so could make all the difference in the world for the success of your team.

In this article, we discuss some of the best questions to include on an employee satisfaction survey so you can get the most out of this valuable activity.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions: Culture

Woman filling out employee satisfaction survey

1) Do You Enjoy Our Company Culture?

Company culture plays a huge role in making your team and your business a success. Of course, the first steps in the process are deciding what you want your company culture to be and building it accordingly.

Once it’s in place, an employee satisfaction survey that asks whether or not employees enjoy the company culture can help you maintain — and even improve — the good thing you’ve got going.

2) Do You Feel Connected To Your Coworkers?

Connections between coworkers can help everyone in your business enjoy their jobs more.

The answers to this question give you insight into what you need to work on — things like communication, productivity, or incentives — to improve those connections.

3) How Open To Change Are We As An Organization?

It’s a well-known fact: business evolves. Your organization needs to be ready for and open to that change.

You may think your company is doing well, but asking this question gives you another point of view to take into account.

4) Do Managers Value Your Feedback?

Feedback that relates to a specific goal is essential for improving performance throughout your business. Find out if managers in your organization take employee feedback seriously by asking about it on your employee satisfaction survey.

5) Does Your Team Inspire You To Give 100%?

When employees work together efficiently and effectively, it serves as a feedback loop that inspires everyone on the team to give 100% whenever possible.

Is that happening in your business? You won’t know unless you ask this question.

6) Do You Like Being Part Of Our Team?

You may receive a positive answer for every other question on this list, but if an employee doesn’t like being part of your team, their morale, engagement, and performance will suffer.

Ask them directly if they like being part of the team, and you’ll discover what’s going on in your employees’ heads.

7) Does Your Team Provide Support At Work?

A big contributor to the success of each employee is the support they receive from their coworkers. If support is lacking, they won’t feel safe taking risks in order to make your business better.

Find out how everyone feels — and, often, what you can do to improve — by including this question on your survey.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions: Management

Management looking over employee satisfaction survey

8) Do You Receive Constructive Feedback?

Without constructive feedback, it can be easy for your employees to get complacent with the jobs they do every day.

You may think your managers are doing well providing good feedback, keeping your team focused, and always striving for perfection, but how will you know for sure if you don’t ask?

9) Do You Feel Valued For Your Contributions?

Showing your team that you value their contributions is the foundation of effective employee retention.

Again, you may think your business is doing a good job at this, but getting the information directly from those on the front lines will show you for sure.

10) Do Your Superiors Communicate Effectively?

Working in a vacuum — as in, not knowing what’s going on in other corners of the business — can make it difficult for your employees to do their jobs well.

Keeping everyone up to date through effective communication is, in many ways, the lifeblood of your company. Find out how well your business is doing in this area.

11) Does Management Seem Invested In Success?

After many years at the helm — or even a short time in — managers can lose sight of what made, makes, and will make your business successful.

Ask the employees who interact with those managers the most if their superior is invested in success.

12) Is Management Transparent?

Your employees want to know what’s going on in the business, even if it doesn’t affect them directly.

Transparency at higher levels provides a window of sorts into exactly what those in authority are doing to make the business better. Find out if you’re doing enough by including this question on your employee satisfaction survey.

13) Is Work Distribution Equitable?

Finding a balance between too much work and not enough work (a.k.a. work distribution) can mean the difference between a strong, productive team and a weak, underperforming team.

Asking this question helps you see it from your employees’ perspective.

14) Does Management Provide Clear Strategic Objectives?

Without clear strategic objectives, it can be difficult to get each individual on the team to pull in the right direction. When that happens, productivity suffers.

Your managers may say that they’re clear in setting the right goals, but you won’t know for sure unless you ask those in the trenches who receive the orders.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions: The Job

Woman filling out employee satisfaction survey

15) Do You Know Where To Go With Questions?

Every business needs an organizational chart that makes the chain of command as clear as possible. Even if you’ve got your hierarchy diagram in order, it can be confusing for those who have to decipher it.

This question helps to verify that your particular corporate ladder is as clearly defined as possible so that employees can avoid going to the wrong places when they have questions.

16) Are There Adequate Opportunities For Advancement?

Opportunities for advancement give your employees something to work toward and serve as motivation to keep on growing and improving in their job. Adding this question to your survey can help you find ways to improve.

17) Do You Have The Tools Necessary To Do Your Job Well?

If your team members don’t have the tools they need to do their job efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, well, there’s very little chance that your business will be successful.

Don’t be afraid to ask your employees if there’s some piece of equipment or software that can simplify and streamline the way they work.

18) Are Your Job Responsibilities Clearly Defined?

Avoid confusion, conflict, delays, and work duplication by asking your team members if their job responsibilities are clearly defined.

19) Are You Fully Using Your Skills And Abilities On The Job?

Each person on your team has a specific set of skills and abilities. Are you using them to the full? Ask your employees if they feel like they have more they could give.

20) How Happy Are You At Work?

Asking an employee how satisfied they are with their job may yield one answer. But asking that same employee how happy they are at work may yield an entirely different answer.

Don’t skirt around the issue. Get to the heart of the matter by asking each team member directly if they’re happy with their job.

21) Is Your Work Meaningful?

Everyone wants to do something meaningful, especially in their work. The answers to this question can tell you whether or not your employees value their work and if they think your business values it, too.

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