Workforce Scheduling: Definition, Benefits, And Optimization

workforce scheduling

Do you want to optimize and maximize the way your employees, your teams, and your business work? Incorporate workforce scheduling into the mix.

In this article, the workforce-management experts at Inch discuss how perfecting who works when and what they work on can make your business run smoother than ever before.

What Is Workforce Scheduling?

Workforce scheduling is the term used to describe two very important aspects of team management:

  • The days and shifts your employees work
  • The tasks your employees focus on while at work

In the past, creating weekly and monthly schedules was done largely via computer programs that were not designed with group organization in mind (e.g., MS Word and Excel). Some businesses even continued to rely on the pen-and-paper method for their scheduling needs.

Task management wasn’t much better. The important job of assigning certain team members to specific tasks and keeping track of their progress was largely done via face-to-face conversations.

While such workforce scheduling methods were effective at one time, the advent of a more mobile and remote workforce has made them less efficient, less productive, and less useful than ever before.

The gold standard for workforce scheduling now involves business-specific apps — such as Inch and Sling — that incorporate powerful features, including cloud-based distribution, geofencing, automation, artificial intelligence, push notifications, and other forms of instant communication.

These programs provide many benefits for your business and streamline the way your team works and your business operates.

The Benefits Of Workforce Scheduling Software

workforce scheduling app

1) Boosts Team And Employee Productivity

Keeping your team’s productivity and efficiency high is a challenge for even the most successful businesses.

The Inch app simplifies that task with analytics and insights into the way your business and your employees operate on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

It also gives you unprecedented control over what needs to be done and provides clarity of work for your entire team.

With Inch as part of your workflow, you can boost team and employee productivity in all departments and in all corners of our business.

2) Brings Automation Into The Workflow

Modern workforce scheduling introduces automation into the mix.

Inch, for example, uses data from your business, user-defined parameters, and artificial intelligence to select the best employee for a particular task. Similarly, Sling uses the same features to select the best employee for a particular shift or day.

You can instruct the artificial intelligence to consider any number of variables when setting up the schedule or divvying up the task assignments, including:

In some cases, you can incorporate such information as absenteeism rates and even past weather data to help plan for the future.

That’s power and productivity you can’t get anywhere else.

3) Decreases Labor Costs

Labor is one of the largest expenses your business has to deal with. By optimizing your workforce scheduling, you can gain more control over both the way your employees work and the costs associated with this activity.

That can have a profound effect on your business’s bottom line and the ultimate success of your company.

4) Improves Customer Service

Within business, there’s a direct relationship between keeping your customers happy and the success you’ll enjoy. If one goes up, so does the other.

When you tailor your workforce scheduling to the demands of your client base, your customer satisfaction will increase and your business will excel.

The Sling app, for example, makes it easy to schedule the right number of team members to handle the volume of contacts on any given day, while the Inch app helps those employees focus their attention on the tasks that are more important than others.

Such unprecedented control over all aspects of your workforce scheduling gives your business an edge over the competition and helps your team provide the highest levels of customer service possible.

How To Optimize Workforce Scheduling

Optimize Workforce Scheduling with the inch app

1) Get Everyone Involved

One of the best ways to optimize your workforce scheduling is to get everyone in your organization involved — employees, managers, and owners alike.

This process takes many forms and depends on the unique ways your business works.

The solutions you execute directly affect your team, so you don’t want to make a choice at the higher levels only to have it upset, confuse, or disrupt your employees.

2) Choose The Best Workforce Scheduling Tools

The best thing you can do for your business, hands down, is incorporate tools such as Inch and Sling into the workflow.

Inch was designed to help your team get aligned on their to-dos, ensure all tasks get completed on time, and simplify communication for both on-site and remote teams.

For managers, Inch goes even further in helping you analyze and understand your labor data by creating reports for a day, week, month, or even customizable periods. Analysis and data access of this type makes invoicing a breeze and drives your business forward.

That helps you manage everyone’s work better — even your own.

3) Help Team Members Focus

Optimizing your workforce is all about streamlining the way your team works in order to help them stay focused on their assignments.

Inch, for example, features a master to-do list that managers and employees alike can access to see what needs to be done next.

Once an employee completes a task, they can mark it off so that everyone working from and referencing that list sees what needs to be done next.

Inch’s task list even allows you to set due dates, get reminders as deadlines approach, and follow the overall progress of tasks.

4) Track Time-On-Task

Gone are the days of paper timesheets, time theft, and even fixed clock-in/clock-out terminals. Modern time and attendance software is now available in the cloud for all your team members to access wherever and whenever they need them.

Apps can transform any computer, tablet, or smartphone into a time clock so your employees can clock in and out for a shift and for a specific task wherever they may be working.

With some, you can even set up restrictions (e.g., how many minutes before and after their shift employees can clock in or out) and geofences so that your employees can’t clock in unless they’re where they should be.

Workforce Scheduling Done Right

Workforce Scheduling Done Right with the inch app

If you still rely on face-to-face instructions, programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, or their online counterparts for your scheduling needs, it’s time to upgrade.

Business-focused apps such as Inch and Sling offer a wide range of tools that simplify and streamline the workforce scheduling process so you can create the best workflow possible and still have time to focus on tasks that drive your business forward.

And upgrading won’t cost an arm and a leg over the programs and processes that you’re used to. Sling gives you free access to everything you need to schedule employees and handle internal communication for unlimited users and locations.

Sling also offers other powerful features, including:

In addition, Inch — a voice-operated workforce schedule and management app — incorporates task management and time tracking in one powerful solution.

Inch is designed to make it easier for managers and employees to get aligned on their to-dos, ensuring that all tasks get completed on time.

Inch also simplifies communication. Employees are able to perform a wide variety of tasks from their tablet or phone, including:

  • Work from a shared task list
  • Get clarity on work that needs to be done
  • Receive voice-assisted reminder notifications
  • Clock in and out of tasks at different locations
  • Complete work assigned to them
  • Communicate with managers and each other

All of that and more without having to touch a mobile screen or report back to the office.

For managers, Inch makes it easy to distribute tasks manually across their teams or populate tasks automatically based on preset conditions. This feature ensures that all work is covered and keeps employees accountable for their responsibilities, expected outcomes, and deadlines.

Managers can assign work to the employees that are closest to the job site or have tasks generate automatically as the need arises and follow work progress and task completion in real time.

Inch helps eliminate frustration for employees, headaches for managers, and inefficiencies for the business.

So, whether you need help setting up when each team member will work during the week or what tasks they will perform when they do, Inch and Sling give you unprecedented control over an inherently complicated and chaotic process and make it easier than ever to create the best workforce scheduling for your team and your business.

For more free resources to help you manage your business better, organize and schedule your team, and track and calculate labor costs, visit today.

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