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Task management made easy

Get your team aligned on their to-dos, ensure all tasks get completed on time and simplify communication.

  • Built for non-desk employees
  • Intuitive
  • Voice-operated

Save countless hours each week managing your employees and streamline internal communication.

  • Distribute work efficiently

    Create, save and reuse task templates for recurring work, so you don’t have to start describing repeated tasks from scratch.

  • Maximize your resources

    Easily understand where your staff is working at any moment and assign tasks to employees closest to the job sites.

  • Ensure all work is covered

    Specify rules and triggers for task automation and tap into the power of conditional tasking. Nothing will get forgotten anymore!

Fast and easy task management

Distribute tasks across employees, helping them get aligned on their daily to-dos, ensure all work is covered and gets completed on time.

Effortless team communication

Send private and group messages at the click of a button and organize conversations by different teams, locations and beyond. Get notifications for new messages wherever you are and never skip a beat.

Uninterrupted work process

Enable your employees to use voice to check and complete tasks, verify their locations, ‘read’ and respond to messages, and get notifications and reminders throughout a day without having to stop what they are doing.

Inch is designed to make it easier for employees to get aligned on their to-dos, ensure all tasks get completed on time, and simplify communication without making them stop what they are doing.

Simple time tracking

Easily track employee hours and export timesheets for seamless payroll processing. Allow employees to clock in and out of their shifts right from their phones or set up a designated terminal at each location. Use the on-site time clock alone, or in combination with the mobile time clock.

Learn how Inch can help your business manage tasks better

Save countless hours scheduling employees while controlling quality of their work and reducing cost of labor.

Get Inch – a free work management tool that can help resolve accountability issues!