Task management software

Get your team aligned on their to-dos, ensure all tasks get completed on time and simplify communication.

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Team task management

  • Consolidate team responsibilities and assignments in one place
  • Manage on-site, distributed, remote, and field service teams in one app
  • Coordinate client work, appointments, visits, repairs, and other jobs
  • Streamline all the day-to-day activities that make your business run

Complete task control

  • Manage one employee or 100+
  • Assign any number of jobs to one employee, multiple employees, or the entire team
  • Monitor the progress of everything from one screen

Everything your team needs

  • Equip your employees with maps, driving directions, on-site reminders, and more
  • Supplement task assignments with file attachments and photos for complete clarity
  • Provide more than just the task assignment

Timeline view

  • Effortlessly assign or schedule tasks using drag-and-drop functionality
  • See which team members are available for work and where they are
  • Direct your team more efficiently

Task management simplified

Simplify task management and leverage data to improve your Team’s workflow
  • Task Management

    Everything In One App

    • One app that does it all
    • Bring your team, your workflow, and your business into a single app
    • Keep everyone on the same page at all times
  • Onboarding

    Simple Onboarding

    • Learn just one app for all of your task management needs
    • Onboard new employees much faster
    • Easily train existing team members with an intuitive interface
  • Accessibility

    Easy Accessibility

    • Experience universal accessibility
    • Available wherever and whenever your work demands
    • Use on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops
    • Runs on Windows, Android, iOS, or macOS
  • Automation

    Streamlined Workflow

    • Give your team the ability to accept a daily or weekly schedule
    • Allow them to work their way through the schedule at their own pace
    • Reduce the number of meetings in your task management process
  • Data Entry

    Less Data Entry

    • Copy tasks from one schedule to the next
    • Set up recurring tasks to appear daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or whenever you need your team to address them
    • Spend less time on data entry means and more time driving your business forward
  • Team Ownership

    Clarity Of Responsibility

    • Ensure that everyone knows what needs to be done when and by whom
    • Eliminate overlap, confusion, and extra work

Recurring tasks

  • Manage repeated tasks with ease
  • Schedule recurring tasks well into the future
  • Use Timeline to assign the right person to the right task
  • Assign recurring tasks at any time

Powerful communication

  • Experience built-in communication features
    Stop cobbling together separate apps that don’t work well together
    Easily stay in touch with your team at all times
    Update team members with schedule or task changes in just a few taps or clicks

Proof of completion

  • Ensure that all work gets done to your standards
  • Include proof of completion in the task checklist
  • Prompt team members to attach an image of the finished product
  • Approve work before employees mark tasks complete

Schedule faster, communicate better, get things done

Built for your industry

  • Cleaning

  • Homecare

  • Maintenance

  • Construction

  • Events

  • Catering

  • Retail

  • Security

  • Transportation

  • Telecommunication

  • Other

Solve your management problems with Inch

  • Solved with Inch

    Confusion due to schedule changes?

    Send real-time schedule updates to employees through one centralised platform.

  • Solved with Inch

    Frequent tardiness and no shows?

    Reduce absenteeism and late arrivals through reminders and access to schedules.

  • Solved with Inch

    Manual timesheets processing?

    Turn any device into a time clock to track employee hours accurately and consistently.

  • Solved with Inch

    Inefficient scheduling process?

    Copy work schedules and create recurring tasks to avoid building work plans from scratch.

  • Solved with Inch

    Low employee accountability?

    Ensure proof of completion and verify the quality of delivered work wherever you are.

  • Solved with Inch

    Scattered team communication?

    Send messages in group or private conversations and share updates – all in one place.

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Inch helps businesses like yours to manage work better

Inch helps distribute work and ensure all tasks get completed on time! We really needed this tool.

- Maya and Michael, owners of MteaM, cleaning industry, Israel

I am excited about Inch! I think it fits our highly mobile multi-location business so well!

- Jessica Pickholtz, manager of Paul Davis Restoration, construction industry, USA

I like that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. Inch is something we really appreciate having.

- Carlotta Leota, owner of Heimaumönnun, cleaning industry, Iceland

In all my years of working as a manager, I was searching for exactly this solution.

- Jón Ingvar Bragason, manager of AÞ-Þrif, cleaning industry, Iceland


What is a task management software?

Task management software is a tool that helps you distribute work across your mobile team, and ensures tasks get completed on time and according to expectations.

How can a task management software help my business?

Task management software helps your business by decreasing the time it takes to assign work to employees every week,  simplifies time tracking and payroll, and streamlines communication.

When is a task management software better than a scheduling software?

Shift scheduling software programs like Sling help you organize your employees across shifts. Generally, scheduling apps are more helpful for static teams working in single shifts per day. Mobile distributed teams, where employees have multiple jobs to complete every day across various locations, will benefit from assigning employees to tasks. Hence, task management software programs like Inch might work better. 

What does Inch cost to use?

Inch is available for free for unlimited users and locations. Try it today!

Save countless hours scheduling employees while controlling quality of their work and reducing cost of labor.

Get Inch – a free work management tool that can help resolve accountability issues!