Team communication software

Time-sensitive and context-specific team communication software for deskless and field service teams.

Completely free and completely limitless!

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Team communication

  • Consolidate time-sensitive and context-specific communication into one app
  • Field internal questions
  • Quickly and easily handle incidents
  • Respond to client requests all in one place

Task-specific threads

  • Ping staff about a specific task
  • Answer questions about the job
  • Allow all team members working on the task to participate in the conversation
  • Get everyone the information they need to do things right the first time

Message classifications

  • Classify messages into three distinct types: direct, group, and task-specific
  • Control who receives the messages you send
  • Communicate with one person, a group of people, or your whole team at once

User-defined groups

  • Set up user-defined groups (such as site supervisors or task leads)
  • Avoid sending irrelevant messages
  • Get the information to the appropriate people without interrupting the rest of the team

Designed for businesses

  • Use an exclusive business-based platform rather than a public platform
  • Keep business communications separate from personal communications

Schedule faster, communicate better, get things done

Team communication simplified

Keep everyone informed, simplify the back-and-forth, and streamline your workflow
  • Control Your Data

    • Keep proprietary information private
    • Reduce your business’s data footprint to one platform
    • Eliminate reliance on client-related social media messaging
    • Scrub communications when a job is finished or an employee leaves
  • Fewer Disruptions

    • Avoid disruptive phone calls
    • Send exactly the information your team needs
    • Prevent long interruptions in the workflow
  • Less Email Inbox Clutter

    • Consolidate task-specific and business-related communication to one channel
    • Stop searching for a specific email to find the information you need
    • Prevent team members from checking multiple apps to stay in touch

Built for your industry

  • Cleaning

  • Homecare

  • Maintenance

  • Construction

  • Events

  • Catering

  • Retail

  • Security

  • Transportation

  • Telecommunication

  • Other

Solve your management problems with Inch

  • Solved with Inch

    Confusion due to schedule changes?

    Send real-time schedule updates to employees through one centralised platform.

  • Solved with Inch

    Frequent tardiness and no shows?

    Reduce absenteeism and late arrivals through reminders and access to schedules.

  • Solved with Inch

    Manual timesheets processing?

    Turn any device into a time clock to track employee hours accurately and consistently.

  • Solved with Inch

    Inefficient scheduling process?

    Copy work schedules and create recurring tasks to avoid building work plans from scratch.

  • Solved with Inch

    Low employee accountability?

    Ensure proof of completion and verify the quality of delivered work wherever you are.

  • Solved with Inch

    Scattered team communication?

    Send messages in group or private conversations and share updates – all in one place.

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Inch helps businesses like yours to manage work better

Inch helps distribute work and ensure all tasks get completed on time! We really needed this tool.

- Maya and Michael, owners of MteaM, cleaning industry, Israel

I am excited about Inch! I think it fits our highly mobile multi-location business so well!

- Jessica Pickholtz, manager of Paul Davis Restoration, construction industry, USA

I like that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it. Inch is something we really appreciate having.

- Carlotta Leota, owner of Heimaumönnun, cleaning industry, Iceland

In all my years of working as a manager, I was searching for exactly this solution.

- Jón Ingvar Bragason, manager of AÞ-Þrif, cleaning industry, Iceland

Manage team communication from anywhere

Team communication is a full-time job in itself. But, with Inch, you can keep everything organized and ensure that everyone has the information they need to do the job right — no matter where you or they work.

By centralizing team communication and automating the processes involved, Inch keeps your in-office activities, field-service activities, and distributed-team activities running smoother.

And because Inch works in the cloud, you can manage your team communication — and all of their activities — from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop running iOS, Android, or Windows.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access your team’s work data and stay in touch with your employees anywhere, anytime.

And that’s just one feature of the Inch app.

The other advanced features of our software make it easier than ever to stay on budget, control overtime, simplify payroll, and keep your team on task and on track for success. With those variables under control, you’ll be in a better position to increase savings, broaden margins, and grow profits in your business.

Save countless hours scheduling employees while controlling quality of their work and reducing cost of labor.

Get Inch – a free work management tool that can help resolve accountability issues!